Bandana Art Show
Artist Submission Form

*DEADLINE: March 18th, 2009*

______________________ (Name)
______________________ (Street)
_______________________ (City)
______________________ (State)
________________ (Postal Code)
___________________ (Country)
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I hereby consent to the following:
I understand that this is only a submission.
I understand that this is not a guarantee that my artwork shall be included in the show.

I would like to:
(Check one)
A) Submit my artwork to as a donation to Bomit (not returned to me).
B) Submit my artwork for sale and set the price for starting bids at $___.00
C) Submit my artwork for the show only but have it shipped back to me.

*By checking option C, I hereby agree that I will pay for the return shipping & handling fees.
*By checking option B, I hereby agree that Bomit can set a higher price and keep the difference.

I understand that if my artwork sells there will be a split for the host gallery / curator:
60% Artist / 40% Venue

Send submissions to: Bandana Art Show
2928 Worthen Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Guidelines / Suggestions:

Please use the standard size bandana (22" x 22").
Solid color bandanas (especially black) work best but any bandana is fine.
Use any method you like -screen print, paint pens, stencil, stitching, etc.
Try not to fold or wrinkle. Rolled in a tube or flattened (between cardboard) is best.
Make sure your bandana is totally dry -not sticky.
Ship with tracking / send an email to make sure we got your package.
Any questions?: