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Beautiful Decay
Bombing Science
Day in the Lyfe
Destructo Trucks
Flying Fortress
Gig Posters
The London Police
Obey Giant
Peel Zine
Robots Will Kill
Sticker Giant
Sticker Guy
Wooster Collective

Artwork courtesy of UrbanMedium.com

  Metal Pig Art on Display in New York:

September 22nd at The Orchard Street Gallery, 139 Orchard Street

Thanks to Overspray Magazine!


Click the Kodak Logo to View Metal Pig Pics from Austin Show:

Ofoto Metal Pig Pics

Some people got up on the Gomi Wall of Fame including Z-Trip himself!

Wall of Fame Wall of Fame Wall of Fame

Metal Pig - An Art Show:

Bomit put a show together featuring the work of artists: Buff Monster, Shepard Fairey, Chris Chillemi, MCA, Klutch, DAIM, Colby Woodland, Swoon, Jet-Pac, da Saint, Nate Nolting, Organs, Slerm, Elik, Raul Cordero aka Duro Cia, Arrrgh!, Steven Daily, Lunar YCP, George Rosa "5003", ESM-Artificial, Vinnie Ray, Poplab, C100, Sickboy, S Faustina, Susan Farrell, Thomas Murphy, Jester, Nicholas Ganz, Ecka One, David, Ackerman, Stephen Donovan, Peat Wollaeger, Juan Carlos Noria, Dave Warnke, PARSKID, Zap (UK), Prism, Jerry Lang, Dr. Blade, UBZRV, Reuben Raffael, Ryan Robidoux / Evoker, Ashley Montague, PRVRT, Christian Azul and GONZO247, Jonathan Sajonas, Norman Le, Abe Lincoln Jr., Eric Orr, Magmo, Tasek, Mad One, Michael Andrews, Justin Kees, Arabella Proffer-Vendetta, Mike Gallegos, Angryblue, Jacob Schimmel, Chris Mosier, SAK, Asbestos, Josh Geldzahler, Sloke, Andy Howell, Keren Richter, eThos, Mr. Meaner, Bloo, The Stevens Group, Ivaylo, Ferris Plock, Brian Gilbert, Jon Burgerman, Tim Hall, Frost, Mainframe, Ian Hanna / Nuflo, Os Gemeos, PECE, Alvin Eeckels, Tofer, James Portaccio, Mr. Hurt, Ed Hurdles, Mediah, Jeremy Cook, Leon Rainbow, Mose120, Alexander Heir, Max Lust, Derek Fridman, Heather Alexander, The Guys from California, Give Em Hell, and YOU!

An open call for worldwide artist participation. A platform to showcase the works of the best urban artists currently existing. Going with the idea of Random von Nothaus of Buff Monster that themed shows are starting to feel played out, we only named it "Metal Pig". The rest was up to the artists to interpret. There was purposely no guideline or recommended medium. This created some interesting diversity.

The show went on during the South by Southwest Festival
March 17 - 21, 2005
Opening: Thursday March 17th at 6:00pm
Details: www.SXSW.com

Gomi Gallery / Metal Pig Show
1313 South Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704
Tel: (512) 442-9977

The main goal was fun! The show featured performances by Z-Trip and DJ Diabetic spinning some Heavy Metal. It was my goal to have my personal heroes be part of the show.

Artists set their own prices - 70% artist / 30% venue split.

Thanks to the Sponsors for making sure people got loaded up on t-shirts, pins, posters, periodicals, stickers, etc.

Supporters included: Vinyl Killers 3, Wooster Collective, Kid Robot, Monkey Skateboard Co., Overspray Magazine, Xlarge, Dekline, Live Mechanics, Gomi, Mass Appeal, L-R-G, Jinxed, Swamp Co., Obey Giant, Robots Will Kill, Urban Medium, Kinsey Visual, Peel Zine, 20 mg / Visual Narcotics, Art Crimes, Toy Machine, Karma Loop, Evil Design, Stencil Revolution, Nowhere Skateboards, Sticker Robot / Zoltron, Bounty Hunter, Squad 19, PartyBots, Death Attack, Upper Playground, Obsolete Inc., BUA Studios, Thrasher, Arrrgh!, Aerosol Warfare, Nuflo, STW, With Remote, Art Prostitute, Magmo The Destroyer, more...

Questions / Comments?

Thanks to all the artists especially to all of you who made it in person.

Famous Pig People: Chiang Kai-Shek, Lee Kuan Yew, Kim Dae Jung, Syngman Rhee, Tennessee Williams, Julie Andrews, Albert Schweitzer, Jerry John Rawlings, Prince Rainier, Georges Pompidou, Chuck Yeager, Henry Kissinger, and King Fahd.

*Invitation artwork courtesy of UrbanMedium.com.