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Beautiful Decay
Bombing Science
Day in the Lyfe
Destructo Trucks
Flying Fortress
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The London Police
Obey Giant
Peel Zine
Robots Will Kill
Sticker Giant
Sticker Guy
Wooster Collective
idiot the wise:

...for me, the streets (and most places) are self-determined activity playgrounds...
Travel wide throughout the expanse of the planet... and you will find people expressing themselves freely within the public environment...they're involved in the collective process of learning what is to be Spoken ...it's a timeless Lesson...let's learn something from everything...
"Streetart" and "Graffiti" are the world's largest and strongest social expression movements in history...

Here are some groups I've started:
flickr.com/groups/allhaildischordia/ - ArtAttack!
flickr.com/groups/reuseproject/ -ReUse Project
flickr.com/groups/watchthis/ - Watching the Watchers
flickr.com/groups/middleeaststreetart/ - MiddleEastern Streetart
flickr.com/groups/inspiredlives/ - Insipre Collective
flickr.com/groups/artsupplytrade/ - WorldWide Art & Supply Trade
flickr.com/groups/streetwriters/ - StreetWriters!
www.flickr.com/groups/rainbowtribes/ - Rainbow Gatherings and Modern Primitives
To contact me:
idiotthewise at gmail.com ...or
For trades, snail mail, ect. :
send to:
P.O.Box 71048
Jerusalem , Israel 91710
I have a tendancy to see collective rather than individual. I can clearly see from this perspective. I see that, other than taking things too seriously, two of humanity's biggest crimes are the constant disregard for the Moment and ignorance of the inherent need for Change. In an evolving world, he who relates to the infinite is made new every minute so Today is like my style is...
...and when we work together in harmony our divine roots are revealed. I try to maintain an inner vision of the Infinite because we hold the vision of an authentic world in our inner eyes, in our hearts, and then we make it real in this outside world 'cause even now quiet blood flows right under our nose but ask anyone who knows the way these days are supposed to go. I can see it in their eyes; they just want to believe a lie, instead of talking about it. Their vision is clouded. So do we know where we're going? I doubt it. But it won't be long now, if you can hold on somehow. Its kind of like treasure, we're closer than we can measure. These days we're just managing pressure.