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Welcome to FreeStickers.org.  A new Sticker Artist / Organization gets featured on FreeStickers when they send us a big package with tons of cool stickers for us to distribute for them. We are the World’s Largest Sticker Distributor -sponsored by Bomit. Please contact us to sign up to be a “Featured Sticker Artist” or to have your brand featured.  Buy Sticker Packs to show your support!

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*Free Stickers from D-EVIL

IMG_3393The amazing people at StickerApp sent us this mega package of D-Evil stickers! We are sending them out for free! You only pay the s&h fee of $4.95. Click here to get your pack. Follow @StickerApp and @D_EVIL_ART on Instagram!!! These guys rock!!! Thank you for supporting the #FreeStickers Movement!!!

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Featured Sticker Artist – Shepard Fairey / OBEY

A very special “Thank You” to Shepard Fairey for the generous donation of thousands of Obey stickers to help keep our *Free Sticker Campaign going. There will be at least one Obey sticker in every sticker pack in our store. Visit the Obey Giant website here.

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*Free ONLY Stickers from Only NY

free_only_stickers_1Free ONLY stickers from Only NY… We just got a nice package of Only stickers to give away to our Free Stickers fans! As always, you only pay the $4.95 shipping & handling fee to get your Free Sticker Pack in the mail today! Click here to get your FREE STICKERS NOW. Remember that you can now get more than one pack. We had previously limited it to only one pack per household per month. Visit the ONLY website and show your support.

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*Free Fools Gold Stickers from Fools Gold Records

free fools gold stickers

Free Fools Gold Stickers

Sign up now to get your Free Sticker Pack. Please show your support / help us thank the guys at Fools Gold for sending us this massive package of stickers to distribute. Remember to follow them on Twitter and Instagram. You only have to cover the shipping and handling fee of $4.95 to get your Free Sticker Pack in the mail. Click here to order your sticker pack now.

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*Free DOPE stickers from Dope Brand

free_dope_stickersClick HERE to get your Free Dope Stickers -while they last. We got a massive box with thousands of Dope stickers to distribute worldwide. You only pay the $4.95 shipping & handling fee. Please show your support of Dope Brand by following them on Twitter, FB, and IG.

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*Free Golf Wang Stickers from Odd Future

We just got a massive box of these awesome free Golf Wang stickers to distribute from Odd Future. Get your free sticker pack here now! *Please note: you must help cover the $4.95 s&h fee to get a sticker pack. Remember to follow Odd Future on Twitter and support the Odd Future webstore.

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*Free KRINK Stickers from Krink NYC

Help show your support for the brand the graffiti artists love, Krink. Click here to BUY. *While supplies last. Visit their Website here. Follow them on Twitter & Instagram. *FREE Sticker Packs are $0.01 + $4.94 for a total of ONLY $4.95 per *FREE pack. Thank you for supporting our *Free Sticker Mailing Service. The stickers are free, you help with the shipping & handling fees. 100% Free Promotional Service for Brands and Artists. #FREESTICKERS

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*Free BANK$Y Stickers…

*Free BANK$Y stickers available NOW!  Click here to get your sticker pack.  *You have to pay the $4.95 S&H Fee.

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*Free Scary Stickers from ScariestSticker.com

The guys at Scariest Sticker are promoting their annual “Scariest Sticker” Contest. They sent us a bunch of the these amazing “Scariest Sticker” Stickers to distribute to the masses… Get your *Free Sticker Pack HERE! *Please note, you must help with the $4.95 s&h fee. Remember to enter / tell your friends about the Scariest Sticker Contest… www.ScariestSticker.com Winner gets 1,000 FREE Stickers printed by Rockin’ Stickers and a Mega Swag Pack!

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