Bomit $100.00 Challenge:

Bust a "Bomit" tag! Now is your chance to show off your Handstyle to the World...
You can tag a Postal Label, make a video of yourself writing, whatever.
Grab a can of spray paint, a mop, a marker and go find a wall to crush.
Or just draw on some sticker paper and send it in to us.
Grab a marker... Write on some crap... Take a pic... Mail it in.
We don't care what you do. Just don't get busted by the pigs.
The Challenge is not limited to tags only. If you want to do a big throw up on the streets and take a picture, we can't stop you.
Do a full Bomit burner or crush a wall with an extinguisher and upload it for all we care!
If you film your work and your video gets out there on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. you may be more likely to be picked as a Finalist.
We just want to encourage creativity / see your talent / check out different styles.
Keep in mind some of our favorite Artists / current influences:
Brazilian Handstyles, Gang Lettering, Krink Style Drippy Tags, Mike Giant, Faust, MQ, Nekst, Neckface, and Twist.
Your stuff doesn't have to be pretty and clean. It can be a nasty and grimey.
If you have any questions please contact us. "Challenge"
2928 Worthen Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Send Submissions / Links / Email to:
Or even better, upload them directly to the "Bomit Challenge" Flickr Group.
Rules: There are no rules. Do anything you want.
We don't even care if your submission is actually real or not.
If you want to Photoshop your image that is fine.
If you fake a video, we might think that is cool. As long as it looks good.
Submissions on actual Stickers -especially on Priority Labels may be more likely to be picked as Finalists.
We will post our favorite submissions and pics of stuff that we get in the mail here on the Bomit site.
Winner to be announced: July 4th, 2010.
We reserve the right to use the imagery on the Website, to make Stickers, T-Shirts, etc.
Funds shall be sent directly via Paypal to the Winner.
Thank You.